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Magnetude Jewelry is a bio-magnetic interchangeable fashion jewelry, a collaboration of Dr. Tracey Diner DC, and artist Candice Loren. It was designed with both your health and beauty in mind. A new concept to have beautiful, fun, affordable fashion jewelry that’s good for you. Make endless combinations to match your mood.

Contraindications for people wearing pacemakers

In this short video Dr. Tracey talks about EMF and why we need to protect our bodies from it.

Want to know more?  Watch this interview from Live it UP! with Donna Drake

How does it work?

1. Choose a Base ~ 2. Add a Tude ~ 3. Choose a Chain ~ Done!

In this short video Dr. Tracey shows you how the jewelry works

Magnetude Jewely combines fashion with the amazing benefits of energetic wellness!

Magnetude Jewelry is not only fashionable and beautiful, it has been designed with your health in mind! We use the strongest healthy rare earth neodymium magnets (3000 gauss) to attach our ‘tudes’.  Each piece also has embedded bio-energetic elements; far infrared (FIR), ‘negative ions’, and germanium powder to provide the latest technology for your health and vitality. Pendents, earrings, and pet tags are made of surgical stainless steel, bracelets are made of cork or vegan leather. Magnetude Jewelry is based out of Mt. Airy, MD.

In addition to all the wellness benefits, I really love that I can change the 'tudes' to match my attitude or outfit for the day, I can even use my essential oils with it.  Each piece can be easily customized in seconds!

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